Flipp Chief Executive Officer Wehuns Tan on the individualized future of vouchers


The company released the Flipp electronic promo code as well as leaflet app in 2013 and also embraced the name itself 2 years later on. He discussed his take on exactly how sellers are involving with consumers in a significantly broken marketing landscape.:

The last improvement of analog to an electronic is on the retail front. Every company that’s attempted to strike this problem has actually simply attempted to digitize print. The print leaflet is a mass system you could not consume meat, yet you obtain a leaflet including meat.

Consumers move their acquiring practices when they acquire a brand-new house or have kids, and also there’s no far better method to reach them compared to electronic leaflets. As well as Flipp has the biggest market share of electronic leaflets in North America. Stores and also we 've done a lot of researches on this could obtain 3 to 5 times, even more, advertising benefit with electronic leaflets compared to they could with print, at half the price.

We think that were going to change the leaflet market in the following 24 to 48 months. We have a large vision, and also it is around a lot even more compared to the leaflet. It’s regarding changing buying behaviors so that they 're efficient and also efficient, as well as so that customers, as well as stores, could interact in an actually great means.

Since after that, every 3 years, $10 billion of that has actually gone to an electronic. It hasn’t gone to electronic screen marketing or search; it has actually developed brand-new electronic industries. All of that income went from papers to an electronic.

At a high degree, Flipp links merchants and also consumers. The app offers individuals with an electronic leaflet to assist them to make their buying choices, and also offers them tools to make listings, browse, circle various products and also accessibility promo codes.


The dollar-or-less attraction is alluring, yet top quality showed up reduced on some of the items I saw and also took care of at Dollar Tree. Includes Shelton: $ 1 seems great, however, wait for back-to-school sales at the large box shops, where you will certainly obtain far better mass worth as well as frequently much better high quality.


We saw Dollar Tree shops in Northern Virginia, where every little thing costs $1 or much less, for a check out just what got on the racks. We beware of contracting rates as well as packing of those products with rates and also product packaging at various other stores, a vital action to effective dollar-store buying.